Strategic Sales Marketing Management attributes our success to developing satisfied and loyal clients is through our professional collaborative engagement of problem solving.


We understand that we will achieve our vision of excellence in customer service by continuing to maintain outstanding client relations.


The primary aim of this policy is to align with our Customer Service Charter which establishes the expectations our clients have when doing business with us and sets a precedence of behaviour for us as a business. Our intention is to provide each client with a personalised experience that makes it easier for them to manage doing business with us.


We are committed to knowing our clients and meeting their respective specific needs.


Our exemplary service is reflective of our business’ values.



Strategic Sales Marketing Management practices a Customer Service

Policy process that helps us exceed customer expectations which

effectively encourages loyalty from our valued clients.

There are four overall dimensions of our Customer Service Policy

client expectations: 

  • Reliability

  • Responsiveness

  • Assurance

  • Empathy



Strategic Sales Marketing Management asks all of its clients as to what we can do to exceed their expectations. They often refer to the service dimensions that provide an extra level of care, attention and courtesy.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management has established a feedback handling process to ensure that all clients are able to provide feedback.





Our Customer Service Policy is centred on providing an efficient, fair, impartial and responsive service at all times within an agreed time period.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management has an obligation to properly record and consider all client areas of concern, complaints, compliments and suggestions.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management manages a Customer Record Management System (CRM).

The businesses’ CRM is utilised to measure the company’s performance in the completion of service requests improvement in service delivery. 

This system enables us to effectively log, allocate, track and fully report on all Client Service Requests.



Strategic Sales Marketing Management