Exceptional customer service is at the heart of Strategic Sales Marketing Management’s Customer Service delivery promise.


Strategic Sales Marketing Management has developed positive relationships with all of our target markets through an understanding of their needs and wants and by solving their business problems.

By improving our understanding of our clients, their buying motives and habits, Strategic Sales Marketing Management has been able to personalise the customer service we provide.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management adheres to and strongly supports the Code of Professional Conduct in its association as an accredited member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

We guarantee that our processes, systems and the team support our service promise.





To demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Strategic Sales Marketing Management will:


  • Deliver warm, friendly service at all times, leaving our customers with a positive view of the experience

  • Never accepting near enough as good enough

  • Ensure everyone has the information they need at their disposal

  • Use feedback to challenge and improve our processes

  • Resolve any situation that the business unintentionally caused

  • Commit to ongoing learning and development for our team

  • Show our clients that they can depend on us

  • Be guided in our behaviours by aligning with Strategic Sales Marketing Management’s values or quality of services provided

  • Being respectful, courteous and impartial in all dealings

  • Identifying ourselves when we talk to customers

  • Listening attentively to clients

  • Maintaining and managing that personal client information is kept confidential at all times


Having trained and professional staff who will uphold Strategic Sales Marketing Management’s performance standards, the importance of measuring how well we deliver customer service is recognised. 






We aim to deliver an exceptional Customer Service Policy in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional manner.



Strategic Sales Marketing Management