Delivering on a Promise !

Do you exceed your customer's expectations consistently with initiative or innovation?

Do your systems or people support your service promise?

Exceptional businesses "get it right" 100% of the time by providing Exceptional Customer Service.

Build New Business

A customer service strategy must be implemented in your business to ensure it meets the specific needs of your target markets. At the core of the strategy is the concept of delivering on a promise. This defines how you can advise your customers that you understand their true needs and how you can meet them and solve their problems.

Exceptional Customer Service is about delivering on a promise that far exceeds what your customers' could reasonably expect as normal.

Having your team committed to processes, systems and customer service strategy ensures that you don't let your customers' down. The service process helps you exceed customer expectations and encourages customer loyalty.

Exceptional Customer Service prompts customers to share in their experiences with others ; in affect they are a qualified referring advocate for your business.

Where does it start?

Start with reliability

You need to ensure that your business delivers what it promises to the customer. Customers have an expectation that your business is accurate and dependable in the services or products that you provide.

Exceed Expectations

Service dimensions that provide an extra level of care, attention and courtesy such as assurance, responsiveness and empathy can attribute greatly to exceeding customer expectations.

Exceptional businesses recognise that their team collectively must monitor and constantly review process and procedures so as to ensure their standards are continually set higher each time.

Your team needs to have both attitude and aptitude to make and keep customers not only happy but exceptionally loyal.

Developing Exceptional Customer Service is essential in all business relationships, whether you're interacting with a long time customer or a first time buyer.

So, how can solving customers' problems and providing timely responses with appropriate solutions be so difficult for many for many businesses?

Some businesses today, are still not able to clearly recognise or understand how they or their customers define customer satisfaction.

My 5 top tips for providing Exceptional Customer Service:

1. Hire the right staff

Your team needs to have the "right mid set" to "get it right" and keep customers both happy and loyal.

2. Offer quick response

Ensure that you follow up promptly on a time line provided or agreed to with your customer on important issues always without exception.

3. Exercise Empathy

Listen and respond appropriately and procede with any recommendations first and foremost.

4. Ask & Listen

Customers have different sets of expectations so you need to discover their needs and pay attention to what they tell you.

5. Be Accessible

You and your team need to be empowered to resolve problems ; whether answering the telephone, an email, website response or face to face with a customer. Customer need accessibility and support to make their contact with you quick and easy.

Customers are four times as likely to choose a competitor if their customer service experience is bad, compared to if the product is bad or the price is too high. They want to interact with businesses that are friendly and provide a truly personalized experience. They also want to get information on their problem easily. And finally, they want to do business and develop a relationship with a company that has a good reputation.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service clearly has an enormous impact on your company's bottom line - so you have to get it right!

Happy Clients ... Happy Life !

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