Do you know what Customers Really Want?

The Art of Winning & Keeping Customers is being able to identify and clearly understand What Do Customers Really Want.

According to research undertaken, we spend approximately 80% of each business day communicating. Of that time, 45% is spent listening, 30% speaking, 16% reading, and 9% writing.

So why is it a challenge for some business owners and their teams to effectively understand What Do Customers Really Want?

The 5 Main Reasons Customers Complain

1. The customer didn’t get what was promised.

2. Someone was rude to the customer on the phone or in person.

3. No one went out of their way to provide service.

The customer felt ignored.

4. The customer felt no one was listening to their concerns.

5. The company representative or agent projected a can’t do attitude.

What Customers Really Want!

So ... What do our customers really want?

1. To be treated with Respect

2. Prompt Action.

3. Personal attention and service.

4. Value for their time and money.

5. Compensation if a problem occurs.

6. To be Listened to.

7. To be Treated fairly and Honestly.

Let's not forget that customers have different sets of expectations and how they might define satisfaction and no system is perfect - there is always room for refinement and improvement; exceptional organisations realise this.

Remember these Rules

1. You cannot NOT communicate.

2. We don’t always know what we’re communicating.

Businesses must have both the attitude and the aptitude to make and keep customers not only happy, but also maintain them as loyal long term advocates.

People expect a certain reaction from business and when you pleasantly exceed expectations you will somehow pass an important psychological threshold. Use the talent of the whole team to stand out from your competitors and zoom into your strengths.

Most good organisations 'get it right' most of the time.

Exceptional organisations 'get it right' 100% of the time.

Team Effectivenesss

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