Is Misalignment a Worry to your business?

Do you want to Increase the Effectiveness of your Sales & Marketing?

Are your sales & marketing teams on the same page?

Boost your success with Sales & Marketing Collaboration !

Sales and marketing must be aligned as an all-round strategy to effectively target customers and generate revenue.

The Importance of Sales & Marketing Alignment

The issue of sales and marketing alignment is not new.

How often does sales & marketing misalignment happen in your business?

Research clearly defines marketing as being a critical element of any company's relationship with its customers. Both sales and marketing teams must work and collaborate together so ensure the success of any business.

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing will have a direct bearing on any company achieving their revenue goals.

The results will be ... longer sales cycles ... productivity loss ... sales inefficiencies ... missed quotas.

Through SMART RESEARCH sales and marketing organisations should decide as a team as to which market segments deserve prioritization to result in the best opportunities.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management offers two steps that a company can implement to improve marketing and sales alignment and ultimately its effectiveness in the market to drive buying decisions.

Customer Centricity

The first step of improving alignment is to move from a transaction focus to a

Customer Centricity is centered on the company analysing an opportunity from a customers' perspective, what they want, what they expect and what they can count from you. This approach is seen as a move to a broader customer relationship lifecycle perspective of creating ... keeping and increasing the value of customers.

Customer Buying Pipeline

The second step of improving alignment is to build on customer focus by transforming the traditional or common tool, the sales funnel into a Customer Buying Pipeline process which will align the customer acquisition efforts of both sales and marketing.

Your business needs to have an excellent understanding of your target customer's decision - making and buying process and how they go about this. An understanding of your customer's decision making and buying process will only then allow you to develop a strategy for the management of the opportunity at each stage in the pipeline.

What is Important to You !

The lack of alignment and collaboration identified between sales and marketing needs to change.

Do you believe that an effective collaboration between sales and marketing in your company will allow you achieve an increase in sales performance and effectiveness in a relatively quick period of time?

Research and studies undertaken on the effectiveness of aligning sales and marketing clearly highlight that it simply made good sense to ultimately improve the bottom line of any business.

Without question, business will reap the benefits of more income and profits through effective implementation of a sales and marketing collaboration strategy.

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Strategic Sales Marketing Management