Do You Really Know your Social Media Strategy?

Your Social Media needs a strategy and a plan, even though your customers and users will do most of the “work”!

A highly defined “No Brainer” of Social Media is to convert social media fans into qualified customers or clients.

Fact - Google commands 31 percent of all web traffic - you want to get on its good side, don't you?

Do you want to get on the good – side of Google?

High quality Content is King when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

High-quality content can also help you move beyond just increasing brand awareness to inspiring actual clicks than can turn into sales or subscribers.

If you want social media users to become regular visitors and customers, then high-quality content is an absolute must.

Content is King !

In The Beginning

Start with clarifying your main objectives and goals for using social media and how as a marketing tool you can build engagement within your target community.

Ensure your social media goals solve your customers’ challenges or problems.

Here are a few objectives for WHY to use social medias a marketing tool and develop strategies on how to build and engage your community.

1. Strengthen your brand

Engage with your customers in authentic conversations to build loyal and lasting relationships. 2. Improve customer support

An invaluable way to gain and insight and learn about issues, find solutions and get those to your customers and users quickly and efficiently.

3. Accelerate product or service innovation

Gather on-going feedback and learn about your customers, what products or services they use, what they like and don’t like and how they make buying decisions.

4. Increase customer acquisition

Utilise social networks to prospect and gain new customers through referrals, incentives and promotions. 5. Improve customer service & loyalty

Care about your customers by implementing social engagement so as to keep your customers more loyal.

Social Media has a real and measurable impact on a business’ bottom line.

The success of your social media strategy is reflective on how it is incorporated into your business strategy.

This is the only way to endear yourself to search engines and further help you move beyond brand awareness to aspiring clicks that covert to sales or subscribers.

Social Media is a powerful tool to market your business to potential customers and gain an invaluable insight through "social listening".

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