1. Analysis


By listening and proactively analysing your specific and individual business needs we aim to look at where the business wants to be at.

This allows us to clearly establish all the necessary steps or processes, such as policy, procedure, goals, culture, and human resources, as a guide to help you get to where you want to be, not where you are at present.

2. Development

Once we have clearly defined and understood your specific goals,

we will be able to effectively market your business with a tailorised and

stimulating sales and marketing plan, practices, processes or communication


3. Promotion

Clearly defining what your value propositions are connects us to your business.

This allows us to showcase stimulating new ideas for consideration.

In collaboration with you, we want to make a difference with the right plan and tools all being in place, so we can develop a promotional strategy centered on the individual needs tailored specifically to your business.

4. Retention

Once you are open for business and it has promoted and connected itself to qualified prospects, as well as customers, we need to ensure we develop and implement a retention strategy.

The importance of being able to consistently engage, manage and measure clients’ performance is paramount to the overall marketing strategy.

We understand that you have only one opportunity to make a first impression with all key decision makers both in, and to, your business.


An aim of our Strategic Sales Marketing Management process is to know and understand you as the client so well, that your product or service fits in and sells itself!

We aim to have you attract enough qualified clients who will agree to "try it" and tell or refer others to your business.

Strategic Sales Marketing Management